Enrichir les viviers de lentreprise-copers

Enrich the pools of potentials in the company

The best potentials are usually to be found close to the headquarters of the firms. This is where strategies, charters and projects are elaborated. This is also where teams work on the future and try to anticipate numerous parameters, including human resources. The further you are from the head office, the less this voice is heard, and daily tasks tend steal the priority…

Naturally, high potentials, integrated, trained and motivated by the head office then play a significant role in key positions within various entities and business units of the group. We contribute to enlarge this flow and enrich the pool of high potentials by accompanying you in each of your searches for middle or executive management, in each of your entities and business units.

We work with their manager to lead them to increase their requirements for each position to be filled, to combine present and future operational needs. We therefore help in improving daily results while making each entity or business unit within the group a source of high potentials who can participate in the progress of the company.

Copers – recherches de middle et d’exécutive management sur mesure