Développer les évolutions transversales avec Copers

Favor transnational careers

In numerous companies, the organizational charts of foreign business units have two nationalities: Expatriated managers coming from the head office, and local employees or managers.


Beyond the difficulty of finding potentials for each new entity or business unit, some locations do not inspire western managers, and lead the companies to expatriate there the ones willing to be sent there. You most likely won’t have any trouble sending a high potential manager to London or Boston. However, Bucarest and Tien Tsin might be an issue.


For each location, reasoning in terms of potential and of transnational career management for middle and executive positions will allow you to broaden your array of solutions. One of your Polish or Brazilian potential might be delighted to therefore access an international career. It will enrich your pool of high potentials, open minds, and show to local managers in your foreign business units the ability of your company to invest in extra-national potentials.

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