Finding the best managers

Our methodology and tools of investigative hunt allow us to fully and exhaustively identify all the relevant executives for a position, a market and a geographic area. We approach the ones matching our criteria of search and through successive selections and comparisons, select them until they are met by the consultant in charge of your search.


You therefore have the guarantee to meet at this precise moment of the search the best interlocutors given the position to be filled, the team they would join, that team’s project, and the context in which it operates; candidates able to share your values and to succeed and progress within the group. We will not present you with a wide array of candidates found on a database or after an add.


We analyse and review with you step by step the information we collect, as the search progresses, in order to follow your expectations and needs.

Copers – recherches de middle et d’exécutive management sur mesure