Improve the quality of your teams

The lack of potentials combined with the toughness of competition or the destination often leads you to place at the head of your subsidiaries the ones available, or those who need to revive their career.  The efficiency may not be satisfying, and the results may not be optimum. Furthermore, the multiplication of comparable situations is likely to slow down the development of a firm, even jeopardize it.


These ‘available’ managers are also rarely the most skilled or motivated to attract high potentials. Then comes the issue of motivating them and ensuring their progression within the group. Not only can this be felt at the global team level, but it often forces to maintain these ‘detached managers’ longer than planned or replace them with other ‘detached managers’, for lack of emergence of potentials within the relevant activity.


We can improve this situation in each of your entities and business units, in collaboration with their management.

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